About that cat on your lap


(because as everyone knows, all Janeites have cats…)

You should just know that the cat’s paying attention. Enough said.

9 thoughts on “About that cat on your lap

  1. LynnS

    >>(because as everyone knows, all Janeites have catsโ€ฆ)

    No, they don’t. Some of us prefer not to share our dwellings with those who are convinced of their own superiority…and they also make us sneeze.


  2. Mags

    I do hope everyone understands I was engaging in ironic hyperbole for the purpose of humor. The stereotype is that Janeites are tea-sipping, bonnet-wearing, wet-shirt-worshipping crazy cat ladies. I was joking about that stereotype.

    I am a dog person, myself. I also like exotic birds. I don’t dislike cats but unfortunately am allergic to them.


  3. Jeeves

    Very interesting. I’ve never thought of my female as a “cat person,” at least no more than I’d call myself a “human cat,” but we have developed a mutual curiosity and acceptance towards each other.


  4. Sandra_in_the_US

    Lord knows that I’ve worked for my beast for the last nine years. Nice of him to allow me to share the house and provide his meals.

    btw, I *am* talking about the cat. ๐Ÿ˜€


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