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  1. Actually: Persuasion….In Space! is apparently forthcoming.
    Please, I look forward to your taking action. My blog, your blog, and many others have expressed our displeasure, as well as many readers and reviewers to no avail. There’s always some silly frat boy that Sparknote-d his way through English in the back cheering them on.


  2. S

    I don’t imagine it is going to stop until they have done this to all of the books. I am wondering if maybe I would like Mr. Knightley better as a werewolf hunter.


  3. At least it’s getting somewhat more equal opportunity – they just released “I am Scrooge,” a zombification of Dickens.

    But I’m seriously considering having a bonfire of books…


  4. LauraGrace

    Who is making a market for these books? Show yourself!

    Anyone heard of “Jane Bites Back”? It’s not out yet, but according to the synopsis, dead vampire Jane is still alive, selling books in New York. She tries to sell another book, but no one will take it. Throw in some hunks? Oy.

    At least it’s halfway original—it’s not just one of her novels with vampires, werewolves and other monsters sloppily grafittied in.


    • Yes, LauraGrace, of all the madness we are watching, only Jane Bites Back gave me some interesting point and I got interested, because it’s a bit original…and Jane kills bad writers and Hollywood people 😀


  5. Maria L

    I tried to read P&P and Zombies when someone gave it to my daughter as a gift, but I just couldn’t make it past a couple of pages. I thought it was really boring. Neither of my children (20 & 15) made it past a couple of chapters; the novelty wore thin fairly quickly, even for them. I wonder how many people who buy these books because they are the new “it” sensation and/or they like the funky covers–actually read them…

    Rest assured the publishers will keep squeezing every penny out of this fad, as long as there are suckers out there buying.

    As for me, I’m hoping for the film version of Pride & Prejudice and the Invisible Man just for the pleasure of watching Lizzy as she says, “You could not have made me the offer of your hand in any possible way that would have tempted me to accept it,” to the invisible Mr. Darcy. And just think of the mischief that invisible Darcy could wreak upon the hapless Wickham….


  6. Kelley B

    Yes, I agree with Mandy N…if this keeps up they should at least consult you regarding the Secret Diary of Henry Tilney 😉

    In other news, P&P&Z the Movie now has a star…Natalie Portman.

    I’m on board with whatever action is taken to put an end to this insanity.


  7. Enough!
    One poster in our forum suggested Mansfalien Park…sooooo, we’ll give them ideas…
    Kelley B, Natalie has been in the project for a while, but nothing is confirmed. Donnie Darko’s director is hired apparently.


  8. Kelley B

    Actually, it is confirmed that Natalie will star (all over the interwebs today) and Darko Films is also producing (along with Natalie) but Richard Kelly has not signed on as director at this time.


  9. Count me in too! It is time to stop this idiocy.

    And as Odessa mentioned, I am sure that many other sites will support, I think I can vouch for JAcastellano and I am sure that Mari Carmen will do so for the Salón de Té.


    • But if we support, maybe we are giving extra marketing to this…anyway, we can inform but I always add my dislike for all these monsters…
      Any idea or suggestion will be welcomed.


  10. A. Marie

    Amen to all of the preceding. Bring on the Cluebat, I say! You may have to drill a few holes in it to accommodate the necessary garlic cloves to repel unmentionables, but it’ll be worth it. (Or does garlic only work on vampires?)


  11. I will not whine about anything on the Austen gravy train as long as it means that someday someone will put up the money for the Fay Weldon Sanditon script to be produced. If Austen reigns, then we might even someday get a decent MP production


  12. Liann

    Notice they have only so far touched books with more “active” heroines.

    I think it would be hard for them to tackle Persuasion and Mansfield Park.

    That being said, I’m sure it’ll happen.

    It must be stopped.


    • Liann

      Also, they haven’t done the far more OBVIOUS choice of Northhanger Abbey! It would be easy to make the fauxGothic tale shockingly real! Perhaps even in a way that’s entertaining.

      …though as I’m sure the story and characters will be manhandled, I doubt this very much.


  13. Tobu

    “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” was worth a chuckle. I’ll admit to being highly amused by the concept, being both an Austen fan and a zombie lore geek. The actual book, when it came out, was something of a disappointment but my readthrough still induced a series of smiles only occasionally punctuated by cringes.

    If it had stayed a random, quirky sidenote in the annals of fiction, I wouldn’t have minded it at all. But this is not the sort of thing that makes a worthwhile trend, and I get more annoyed every time I see another classic work of fiction getting dipped in gore. Please, people. Once was enough. Let it die. Just let it die.

    (Austen aside, I believe the prize for most pointless splatterfication goes to the addition of zombies to H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds”. It’s already a book about Martians who actively exsanguinate huge swathes of the population. What more does it need to capture the popular eye these days?)


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