Making a List, Checking It Twice, Part II


Here’s something else for the Janeite’s Christmas list–both to give and receive. We were delighted to be pointed to Masha Laurence’s Etsy shop, which has prints and bookmarks of Masha’s beautiful, original watercolors of Regency-era gowns, some inspired by Jane Austen’s work. She also will paint custom designs inspired by Jane Austen’s novels upon request.

Full disclosure: the artist is Cub Reporter Heather L.’s sister-in-law, but we would have linked to this gorgeous stuff in any event! And now we have to go buy some before you lot snarf ’em all up.

5 thoughts on “Making a List, Checking It Twice, Part II

  1. Wendy

    I love these bookmarks and prints. Masha has such a beautiful talent. Her work truly reflects her soft and graceful personality.


  2. Mandy N

    I am hoping to get a customized Lady Susan picture or bookmark with a fave Lady S quote.
    I particularly like the Elinor and Marianne bookmarks. Beautifully done !


  3. Masha

    Thank You All for your kind comments and for featuring my artwork on Austenblog. I love the idea of Lady Susan and Emma’s painting of Harriet, they will be coming up in a few weeks.


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