The zombie movie thing


Zombies AheadWe received everyone’s e-mails about the zombie movie–and thanks. But we’re not seeing anything new here. The reports all come from this Variety article, which to us has the odor of Somebody’s People trying to raise some buzz about the project; Mission Accomplished! We reported last April that Natalie Portman was going to play Lizzy if this film ever got made, and predicted it a few days before that (Natalie is Keira’s evil twin, after all). The only thing new in this article is that Portman’s production company is involved. There is no filming date announced, no release date; we’ll believe it’s happening when we see the first grainy paparazzi shots from the set and not a moment before, at which point we will commence ignoring it.

4 thoughts on “The zombie movie thing

  1. ImperialJainete

    I just love the irony of how everybody thought Keira would forever be living in the shadow of Natalie when “Star Wars” came out! Now Keira is probably going “Look at me now, b***s!” 😀 I think either something is wrong with Natalie or her agent. She’s copying Keira way too much lately. I mean, its not her fault (after all, “Pirates” and Chanel what more can a girl ask?) First, she got Keira’s left over’s (“The Other Boleyn Girl” since rumors were Keira was too busy and turned it down) and now she’s doing PRIDE & PREJUDICE? WTF IS WRONG with HER? I hope it comes to pieces for her just like “Wuthering Heights” did. *evil grin*


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