“Jane Austen’s iPod” on BBC Radio 4, Saturday, 10 a.m.


Alert to UK Janeites–BBC Radio 4 will broadcast “Jane Austen’s iPod,” featuring performances of Jane Austen’s favorite music, on Saturday, January 2, at 10:30 a.m.

It looks like those elsewhere can listen live on the web, though in the Americas we would be getting up rather early to do so. 😉 If it is available as a podcast, we’ll let you know!

Publisher Tim Bullamore tells us that the presenter, David Owen Norris, will be writing on the subject in the March/April edition of Jane Austen’s Regency World.

ETA: The program(me) can be heard at the above link, and works fine in the U.S. so we shall presume it is available worldwide. It is only available for a few days, so make haste.

11 thoughts on ““Jane Austen’s iPod” on BBC Radio 4, Saturday, 10 a.m.

  1. Joan R

    I think you will find that as with all BBC radio programmes, it can be downloaded for seven days after the original broadcast.


  2. Nuria

    Oh, thank you for the info!

    It says, I quote:
    “Jazz singer Gwyneth Herbert performs Austen’s favourite songs, with new piano and clarinet accompaniment by David Owen Norris.”

    Jane Austen & Jazz… I couldn’t have dreamt of such a beautiful combination 🙂


  3. Joan R

    Just finished listening to the broadcast, and it also features Dierdre Le Faye on the panel. It is beautifully put together. The presenter, Professor David Owen Norris of Southampton University was the pianist who played at the concert in Chawton Church during the New Directions Conference held at Chawton in July 2009 (I was one of the lucky ones to be in attendance). According to a link at NABMSA the music from that concert will be released as an Album in 2010 on the Toccota label. See here for an account of that concert: http://www.nabmsa.org/newsletters/Newsletterindex52.html )


  4. Princess N.D.

    I hope they release the play list, at least!

    Looking forward to visiting the New York exhibit.

    You have an amazing blog. I was delighted to receive the Jane Austen Handbook for Christmas!! It’s the perfect size for my hand bag, and a treasured resource I will refer to time and time again.

    Wishing you a new year of joy and prosperity


  5. Kira

    Are you not able to listen? I’m in Denmark and I have no problem hearing the show (but I don’t think I can download it).


  6. I really enjoyed the BBC programme especially hearing Dierdre LeFaye’s voice. Although I was able to listen to it, I didn’t see a way to download it. Has anyone been able to do that?


  7. Mandy N

    Jane’s taste in music appear quite sophisticated, and extended to ‘modern’ songs like The Plougboy.
    Despite my ISP problems this week, I had no problem hearing this broadcast.
    Anyone had luck downloading programme ? I’d love to do so.
    Jane Austen’s iPod is a delight, an ‘innocent diversion’ for Jane fans.
    Thanks for heads up !


  8. Deleilan

    According to the site (under the image of Jane wearing headphones):

    “This programme will be available to download from 4pm, 8th to 15th January as part of the Radio 4 Choice podcast.”


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