Barnes and Noble hosting online discussion of Emma


Barnes and Noble is currently hosting an online discussion of Emma in conjunction with the broadcast of the new miniseries on Masterpiece Classic. The discussion has already begun; special guests will include Joan Ray the week of January 25-29 and Sandy Welch the week of February 1-5.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a review of the series.

There have been other adaptations of “Emma,” including the versions with Kate Beckinsale and Gwyneth Paltrow, and the deliciously savvy modern update, “Clueless.” And it can be argued with the new miniseries, as it can with many great works that “Masterpiece” has readapted over the years, that a new version isn’t really needed. Yet, thanks largely to superb performances, especially by Romola Garai in the title role, the new “Emma” contributes to our love and appreciation of Austen’s genius.

We’re still desperately trying to get interested in this, so it is doubtful we will be posting much about the series in the leadup to the broadcast; however, there will be discussion threads on Sunday night as always. Also, there is a Twitter party during the broadcasts, so you can get your discussion groove on there as well.

There also might be a little surprise ready for our Gentle Readers by Sunday night…stay tuned! We have not spent all our non-blogging time lately lying about eating bon-bons.