Trying to get back to posting more regularly


I know I’ve been kind of slack in the past few months, but will make more of an effort at regular posting. I have several things planned for this week already. If you sent me something in the past couple of months and I never posted it, feel free to resend.

6 thoughts on “Trying to get back to posting more regularly

  1. Hey – it’s Monday – where’s par dux of The League of Austen’s Extraordinary Gentlemen? I am all anticipation! Please don’t keep us hanging on a thread forever.

    Oh, and yes Mags, I do appreciate all of your time and smarts to keep this excellent blog humming.


      • Mags

        It overheated with Hot Colonel Brandon All In Black Action.

        I can reconstruct it, I’m just really busy the next couple of days and I can’t predict when it will be posted. With luck, tonight, but luck has not been with me of late!


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