Friday Bookblogging: Coverup Edition


We were amused to have pointed out to us the cover of a new HarperCollins edition of Pride and Prejudice, which looks, er, familiar to those of another famous series of books. Guess we shouldn’t have thought they would stop at Wuthering Heights. (But seriously, “The Love That Started It All?” Seriously? Is that supposed to make us want to read the book or make us want to barf?)

Cover snark aside, we would like to congratulate Shirley and Wallis Kinney, two Young Persons whose essay comparing Twilight and P&P in JASNA News (reprinted on the JASNA website) was included as an extra in this new edition of the novel.

8 thoughts on “Friday Bookblogging: Coverup Edition

  1. Allison T.


    Ah-hahahaha! Remember when it was Romeo and Juliet?

    And “IT” what, actually? some copywriter got loose from the herd and galloped towards the hills of delusion.


  2. I fear that essay may dissuade some people from reading P&P, saying something is similar to Twilight would not encourage me to pick it up. Also, nearly every modern “love story” can be said to have similarities to one or another of Austen’s novels because her situations and characters are so universal and because everyone kidnaps her writing, dresses it up and calls it a romance. It is on some level, but that’s not all it is.
    Now I’m all depressed. Oh well, the final installment of Emma starts shortly.


  3. This news is actually from a couple months ago; the R&J and WH covers all came out at the same time as the P&P cover, I believe. (I wrote an angry blog post about it back in September! :D) Unfortunately, a lot of kids my age (I’m 19, but this started at least when I was 17) have become deluded into only knowing WH as “that book they read in Twilight.” I’m disgusted.


  4. Mags

    Remember the essay is by two Young Persons (teenagers). Young Persons reading, and writing about reading, should be encouraged, IMO.


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