She’s Everywhere, Including the Workplace


Alert Janeite Liz M. sent in a link to the Ask a Manager blog, which invokes Jane Austen to cure a workplace ill: the annoying co-worker.

But really, the best way to handle this might be to see her behavior as amusing instead of infuriating. You have someone brushing her hair with a fork and cleaning her false teeth at her desk, for god’s sake — are you really not entertained by this?

As I’ve mentioned before, my sister always advises me, when visiting annoying relatives, to pretend to be one of the many long-suffering characters in Jane Austen novels who have to be pleasant to and patient with irritating relations. It’s remarkably effective; it reframes things in a much more amusing (and bearable) context. If you’re not a Jane Austen fan, pretend you’re on a sitcom. This advice is good for all areas of life.

We have to agree with that. What Would Jane Write (about that person)?

One thought on “She’s Everywhere, Including the Workplace

  1. What a wonderful idea! Some of my favorite scenes are when Elizabeth Bennet and her father are exchanging looks because they are enjoying how ridiculous Mr. Collins is. And if you are a fan of “The Office” (US version) Pam and Jim fall in love over the imbecility of everyone around them. It is priceless when the camera catches their reactions. Let’s all enjoy human foibles. It gives writers endless fodder, and the gift of recounting stories of our sufferings to those who “get it.”


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