Sacre bleu!


Okay, this made us laugh. Is the meta getting better or is the Editrix just getting soft in her old age?

Herewith, a book trailer for Mrs. Darcy vs. the Aliens by Jonathan Pinnock.

9 thoughts on “Sacre bleu!

  1. Kathleen

    I must be getting marshamallowy as well. Was most amused. Probably what delighted me most was the way in which the subtitles bear little relation to what Mr Darcy says, especially in regard to Mr Wickham (I must use that antelope insult more regularly in polite conversation!).


  2. Sandra (US version)

    I’d swear I heard something about Brigette Bardot in there as well. I really wish I understood what he’s actually saying–would be even funnier that way.


  3. Diana I-C

    Ahaha! Brilliant.
    Maybe you’re getting soft, but personally, I think the meta’s getting better (and thank all gods for that! XD)


  4. Ah, I’m glad other people noticed they weren’t actually saying what the subtitles were reading. For a second I wondered if I was going mad (again…)
    I’m not sure about the book- though, at least it’s a sequel not just someone jamming in random passages to an existing novel- but the trailer was fairly amusing.


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