John Thorpe will approve


Alert Janeite Randy told us that there’s a new adatation being planned of The Monk. It’s not the first film of Mr. Thorpe’s favorite book (as some Hornblower fans are aware).

“The Monk” depicts the rise and tragic downfall of Capucin Ambrosio, a respected Spanish monk.

“Tragic downfall.” There’s the difference between The Monk and Jane Austen right there. It’s not HIS fault he was seduced by an evil woman!

5 thoughts on “John Thorpe will approve

  1. Forgive the unladylike *snort* at that last line! Hee hee!

    The fact that John Thorpe reads The Monk tells us something about John Thorpe. I wish Andrew Davies figured that out for the recent adaptation. For me, who thankfully missed the naked Catherine bathtub scene, having Catherine read The Monk and feeling yada yada in her sleep is a real low point for the new NA movie.


  2. Mandy N

    YIKES !! Will folks regard this as a sequel to NA ? !
    It’s not JA’s fault AD showed Catherine reading Monk. Say, why don’t they
    adapt Udolpho ?


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