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Alert Janeite Carmen found some information, with links and photos, about From Prada to Nada, formerly called Sense and Sensibilidad. The film seems to be done shooting, but there is no release date yet. Two articles are publicity about Karla Souza, who plays what seems to be the Lucy Steele character. In the first article she says:

“Es un proyecto comercial muy ligero, el director le quiere dar un tratamiento diferente, antes se iba a llamar Sense and sensibility, una adaptación de la novela inglesa de Jane Austen, pero se dieron cuenta que no era similar a esta historia que es la de dos hermanas que viven una vida millonaria pero cuando se muere su papá y quedan en la banca rota, se tienen que mudar con la tía —que es Adriana Barraza— al barrio latino para enfrentarse a sus orígenes y convivir con su familia mexicana en Los Ángeles”

-> It’s a very light commercial project, the director wants to give it a different point of view. It was going to be called Sense and Sensibility before, an adaptation of the English novel by Jane Austen, but they became aware that the story wasn’t so alike about those two sisters who live like millionaries but when their dad dies, they go penniless, they have to move with their aunt – who’s played by Adriana Barraza – to the latina community, and they have to see their origins and live with their Mexican family in Los Angeles”.

In another article, she says:

“Hice casting para los dos principales, obviamente necesitaban un nombre, alguien muy famoso en Estados Unidos, no me quedé para esos. Me dieron el papel de una chava de mi edad, dentro del mundo rico de Los Ángeles, que busca quedarse con el protagónico, que al final es de Camilla Bell”, detalló.

“I made the audition for the main roles, but they needed a name, someone who is very famous in USA, so I din’t get it. I was given the role of someone of my age, inside the rich world of LA, who wants to get the main boy, but he belongs to Camilla Bell”.

Some more links about the film, in Spanish, with photos of cast members:

Camilla Belle (Elinor)
Alexa Varga (Marianne) (this article is in English)
Adriana Barraza, who plays the aunt

A little video about the filming (in Spanish)

Carmen also wrote, “Nicholas D’Agosto is the only one who is not listed in the IMDB profile of the film, and I am wondering if he plays Brandon or Edward, as the representative of rich people with no latin heritage. But as Valderrama is listed as ‘Bruno’, who sounds (a little, but a little) like Brandon, maybe, D’Agosto is Edward here, especially because Becker seems to have a ‘bad boy’ face, who could link him with Willoughby.”

The Orlando Sentinel has an interview with Wilmer Valderrama:

“I did ‘From Prada to Nada,’ based on ‘Sense and Sensibility.’ The movie talks about these sisters whose father passes away, and they lose everything. I play this young man who everybody thinks is a gangster, but he’s something more than meets the eyes. It’s a timeless tale of classes.

Hmm. That almost sounds like Willoughby, doesn’t it?

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  1. Baja Janeite

    Glad to hear some more info on this film! The last article above also mentions that it is a comedy, that many of the actors had to know “Spanglish” and that the film should be out in 2010. Evidently, they filmed much of it in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

    Thanks for the update, Carmen!


      • I’m with Mari Carmen on this one. I do tend to believe that Valderrama is playing the equivalent for Brandon rather than Willoughby in this film. The use of the word ‘gangster’ could lead many to think he is a bad guy, but the complete idea is that “everybody thinks… but”. So the character isn’t really a bad guy. And we know that Marianne could not think Brandon was romantic material, thus the “something more than meets the eye”. That is at least my reading.


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