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The New York Times has an article about the healing power of reading–not just Jane Austen, but whatever your comfort reading might be: Little Women, or the Little House books. The main part is about Emma Thompson talking about getting over her depression over the breakup of her marriage by throwing herself into writing the screenplay of Sense and Sensibility.

But her choice of self-medication drew a huge nod of recognition, in this house at least. For Thompson was “saved” not by Prozac, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but by immersing herself in Sense and Sensibility, the Jane Austen novel she turned into an Oscar-winning screenplay. “I used to crawl from the bedroom to the computer and just sit and write, and then I was all right, because I was not present,” the actress and screenwriter said. “Sense and Sensibility really saved me from going under, I think, in a very nasty way.”

While we’re all about the Jane Austen being comfort reading part (we have all six books plus Juvenilia on our smartphone, which is pretty much always with us, JUST IN CASE), we kind of wish Emma had kept her angst to herself! We hate to think of her being such a poor honey.

Thanks to the many Alert Janeites who sent in this link!

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