Only When We’re Presented With Remarkably Bad and Cheaply Made Film Adaptations


Alert Janeite Lorraine sent us a link to an article in the Globe and Mail that has almost nothing to do with Jane Austen, but the author nonetheless must needs extract his pound of flesh:

In the title role is the strapping young British actor Joseph Morgan, who is best known in North America for his roles in Master and Commander, alongside Russell Crowe, and in Oliver Stone’s lavish Alexander. To British audiences, Morgan is a perennial TV charmer, having appeared in four popular series and a much-discussed version of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park (Austen fans are a hard, bitter lot).

Lieutenant Price looks most Romanesque there. 😉

2 thoughts on “Only When We’re Presented With Remarkably Bad and Cheaply Made Film Adaptations

  1. Marty

    That reporter looked kind of sneery in his photo, I thought. Maybe he was trying to channel Mr Darcy.

    When I saw the headline, my first thought was that Andrew Davies is at it again. And that approach is probably even less appropriate for this book than it is for Jane Austen’s. I had to giggle when the actor said the new version wasn’t based on the Heston film, but more on the actual book! But then he back-pedalled later and said there was a lot of dramatic license. Surprise, surprise.


  2. Sandra (US version)

    Hard and bitter we may be, but at least we do our homework. I never watched the 2007 MP, so I cannot judge how that turned out. But if Mr. Morgan has to rely upon the name recognition he earned from Master and Commander to capture the attention of North American film-goers, he should consider asking the Central School to return his tuition. He was a 23 year old who played a minor character that even I, (well-known to the Editrix as a nit-picking madzer regarding M&C) had to look up at IMDB. Crowe? Check. Bettany? Check. James D’arcy? Check plus. Max Purkis and Billy Boyd? Adorable. R. A. Vaughan? I laugh in his general direction.


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