NEWS FLASH: Emma Thompson did NOT write the screenplay for S&S95!


Alert Janeite Mari Carmen sent us the following, as revealed on the Spanish television program La Hora de José Mota.

Last month, Emma Thompson was promoting Nanny McPhee in my country, Spain, and also, she talked about women’s rights. About promoting her film, she participated in a comedy show which is broadcast on Friday nights (one of most watched shows): La Hora de José Mota. José Mota is a comedian who makes fun and surreal sketches…it’s fun to watch sometimes.

Well, he used his character ‘Blasa’, an old woman from the center of Spain, who is supposed to be the typical old country lady, but ‘she’ makes special things…she sues stars for stealing her music (Spears, Madonna…) or she says she is the real inventor of great theories, like relativism, or weird homages, like Morpheus in Matrix several years ago (when Mota had a colleague, and the comedy group was called Cruz y Raya). This time, Mota had the opportunity to use Thompson to tell that Blasa had written S&S. Yes, I know that Austen doesn’t appear, and maybe, Spanish sense of humour is different than yours…but I translated the clip. It’s fun and worth watching!

We thought it was pretty good. 🙂

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  1. Baja Janeite

    For some reason, I could not watch the link from Austenblog, but I found it on youtube (with English translations at the bottom of the screen). Cute!
    If one was a Spaniard or a fan of Blasa, it would be even funnier!


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