Brontë is the new Austen


So sayeth the Times.

Alison Owen, the producer of Jane Eyre (and mother of the singer Lily Allen), said: “There is something about the current situation that the world finds itself in where the Brontës more suit the mood of the moment [than Austen]. Jane Austen is a lighter cut than the Brontës, who are much more brooding and bleak.”

Dorothy is presently doing the Superior Dance in the conservatory, and we must admit to being rather overjoyed ourself. With all due respect to our good friends at BrontëBlog, let them go pick on the Haworth trio for a while! The carpetbaggers have exploited Jane long enough, and should give the other lady writers time to exhibit.

7 thoughts on “Brontë is the new Austen

  1. Boris

    All these:

    “BBC will stop producing costum dramas …”

    “the Brontës more suit the mood of the moment than Austen …”

    are not serious. That’s negativism due to the recession in the UK.


  2. I’ve also a sneaking suspicion that at least some of this Bronte-mania comes from the dreaded Twilight. Jane Austen’s books are mentioned in Twilight, but as I understand, not nearly as much as Wuthering Heights is (in the third book, I believe?). I was writing a fanfic back in 2007 on where a character was reading Wuthering Heights, and far too many of my readers commented with, “That’s the book they read in Twilight!” (There is a Facebook group for if you read WH because Bella Swan did…)

    This, coupled with the reprints of P&P, R&J, and WH with Twilight-inspired covers, makes me think there is no coincidence. The Brontes are becoming big because there is a market that will blindly follow them because they are mentioned in Twilight.


    • I asked Dorothy if she was willing to be lent out, and she laughed hysterically and said something that sounded like “HA HA HA HA SUCKERRRRRRS! BEEN THERE DONE THAT GOT THE CHEMISETTE! NOW IT’S YOUR TURRRRRRRRRN!”

      I think that’s a no. 😉


  3. Maria L

    Let’s also hope the monster mash-up regurgitators move on to the Brooding Brontës for a bit; they’ve certainly got enough good material to crib from over there….


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