Getting Local With Jane: Summer Festivities Edition


Welcome to Getting Local With Jane, where we post about upcoming local events of interest to Jane Austen fans. Remember, this is now an AustenBlog DIY service, so please add your links, or links that you know about, in comments.

We would like to point out that online registration is now open for the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville on July 10-11! The tea seatings and ball and workshops require advance registration and payment, and fill up quickly, so make haste if you want to go. We are all registered and will be there, so we would love to meet some more readers there!

Go ahead and add links in the comments (and just a warning: we will delete links we determine to be non-Jane Austen-related).

4 thoughts on “Getting Local With Jane: Summer Festivities Edition

  1. Reeba

    Ash permitting, a group of us will go on a location tour of P (Amand Root) ans S&S (Emma Thompson).
    Flights are still landing at Heathrow and we hope that they continue to do so.

    BTW two cancellations for the trip has made two places available at less than half the price of this tour (9 days). Check out this link if anyone is interested.


  2. Reeba

    Forgot to mention the date.
    It’s 16th May.
    You’ll have to scroll down on the linked page to get to the information about it.


  3. Linda

    The DC Metropolitan Region of the Jane Austen Society of North America is holding a Box Hill Picnic on May 22, 2010. The location is Carderock Pavilion on the Potomac River, convenient for people in DC, MD, and VA. We’ll enjoy a bring-a-dish buffet, Austen-inspired games, fresh air, and good conversation. Advance registration is required; $10 per person. Complete information and registration form are available at www.

    See you there!


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