Friday Bookblogging: Book Club Edition


Welcome to Friday Bookblogging, where we talk about books by Jane Austen, about Jane Austen, and inspired by Jane Austen’s work.

Laurel Ann at Austenprose has posted an Austen Book Sleuth post for May with the latest in upcoming books. There’s a valuable post in the comments about some renamed books that we posted about recently, that we think will be of assistance to those readers who get all the latest publications.

CBC Book Club Austen ManiaThe CBC Book Club is featuring Jane Austen this month. The Editrix has her share in the conversation; there are contests to win a set of monster mashups and Sony Readers; and you have to check out their video, The Complete Jane Austen, presented by Who’s Your Dachshund?

That’s it for this week’s Bookblogging, and this is one of our DIY features, so please feel free to add your Austen-related book links in comments. Until next time, Gentle Readers, always remember: Books Are Nice!

3 thoughts on “Friday Bookblogging: Book Club Edition

  1. I just finished Jill Pitkeathley’s Dearest Cousin Jane on Monday and it was lovely. It’s about Eliza de Feuillide’s life and her influence on Jane (a sort of biography in novel form, like her Cassandra & Jane was). The editing still left something to be desired, and the multiple narrators could get repetitive, but I really liked the story and the end was very touching. My full review is here: I hope someone else will enjoy this as much as I did!


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