Monday Ebooks: Nothing Wrong With That Edition


No big post this week, due to technical difficulties, but we thought this was funny and worth sharing. A post at Engadget about the Kobo eReader being available in the U.S. at Borders included something familiar in the advertising, prompting an amusing comment from a reader:

Engadget Comment

Also, we spotted an amusing description for a Kindle cover offered by Bobarra (which a MobileRead poster says fits the new Kobo eReader as well).

Kindle has been quietly issuing corrected versions of ebooks. We’ll leave you to contemplate both the convenience and ease of such corrections and the Orwellian implications for backwards editing. Also we’re told that such corrected editions are something of a nightmare for librarians.

One thought on “Monday Ebooks: Nothing Wrong With That Edition

  1. My Dad actually loves P&P. Granted, I don’t know that he’s read the book, but whenever P&P (1995) was on, he’d always watch it! He’d even borrow my copy of the DVD because there was “nothing good on TV”! It got to be so often that I just bought him his own copy for Christmas. I think that was the one time my Dad actually appreciated a gift I got him! 😀


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