Tuesday Open Thread: Nominee Edition


Herself, as usual, is everywhere. The New York Times reports that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan re-reads Pride and Prejudice every year.*

This is an open thread, so let us know what’s new in your patch of Janeiteville.

*A gentle reminder: We provided this link in the spirit of Janeite sharing. We do not care to discuss partisan politics at this blog; there are lots of other places on the Internets to do so. Posters who do not remember that are subject to disemvowelment. As always, thank you for your support.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread: Nominee Edition

  1. Enid Wilson

    I wonder what sort of inspiration does Kagan get. Here in Australia, the First Tuesday Book Club in ABC national TV will read Pride and Prejudice in June. Apparently one of the panel members, a middle-age male journalist, suggested to read it. I’ll see if they have anything interesting to say, in particular from the lady book critic on the panel who doesn’t like to read female authors.

    Steamy Darcy


  2. Sue

    Ooh, I hope she manages to put “It is a truth universally acknowledged” in the findings if they ever come up with a unanimous decision on something.


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