Wednesday Linkapalooza: No Humorless Janeites Here Edition


We weren’t the only ones amused by Kate Beaton’s latest Jane Austen comic, which we posted a couple of days ago. Some creative Janeites over at the Derbyshire Writers Guild (which has a new web address: have taken the idea of Sense and Sensibility and Mister Darcy and Sharks in Space Riding Motorcycles Plus There is a Time Machine and run with it. Dwiggies Mari A., Kathy, and Karen A. have all produced a story with that title, and they’re all too much fun.

For all we Janeites have been accused of being humorless tar-hearted purist spinster &c. &c. since this monster invasion started, we are really enjoying the fun and creativity of this recent backlash (and we hope our Gentle Readers will not object when we point to our own recent endeavor in the field). What the hipsters who know Jane Austen only as a fleeting nightmare of high school English class don’t know is that the Janeite community has been playing with Austen meta for YEARS. And since we actually know and love the books, it’s way funnier than anything written with less than loving intent.

This is an AustenBlog DIY post, so please add Austen-centric links you’ve come across (or created yourself) in comments!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Linkapalooza: No Humorless Janeites Here Edition

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    These are articles from the JASNA that discuss Jane Austen’s influence on Ian McEwan’s “Atonement” and on the novels of Carol Shields. I didn’t find them already posted here in my search, but could’ve missed them.
    The Atonement article also talks about the film version and P&P05. I thought it went on too much about how McEwan’s work was helping get JA taken more seriously in popular culture, especially since Carol Shields was also a best-selling & critically-praised author, but she’s hardly mentioned in the first article. I enjoyed the Shields bio of JA but I couldn’t agree with all her theories about JA’s novels, as stated by this article anyway.


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