Ayesha/Aisha Possibly Premiering in June


Abhay Deol and Sonam Kapoor in AishaFirstly, we really wish they would pick a spelling. First we saw Aisha everywhere, then Ayesha, now we’re back to Aisha? C’mon people. We western barbarians could use a little help.

It looks like Aisha might be premiering as soon as June at IIFA in Sri Lanka on June 3-5, though it is still scheduled for release in August in India. No idea when it will reach Western shores, though we suspect not until it is on DVD.

We boldly borrowed the pic in this post, which is of the two stars, Abhay Deol (Mr. Knightley) and Sonam Kapoor (Aisha/Emma). From the article:

It was Sonam signing on to the project that gave the film the green light, “Sonam instantly saw that as a first person narrative, the film would be a great opportunity to showcase her talent. Sonam has a lively energy, but also a certain darkness, which makes her a good actor. This dichotomy suits Emma’s character since it is heavily layered.”

As for the dashing Mr. Knightely, Ohja thinks Abhay Deol is the perfect person to take on this role, “He is the most secure actor I have met and he didn’t hesitate working in a film with a female protagonist. Abhay perfectly fits the character of the typical British male. He is a guy who can floor a woman, like Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice and, in this case, Mr. Knightley of Emma.”

Thanks to Alert Janeites Laurel Ann and Lisa for the info and link.

11 thoughts on “Ayesha/Aisha Possibly Premiering in June

  1. Indian movies often have differing spellings, sometimes even after the movie is released! (Interestingly, you can tell a pirated copy by the way they spell the name on the cover…if it’s spelled differently from the movie poster, even though it would otherwise be correct, it’s pirated.)

    But it’s likely we won’t know the actual spelling of the movie name until the movie is officially slotted in theaters. The name itself in common usage has multiple spellings. Additionally, Indian movie producers/directors, etc. in India traditionally like to rely on numerology and other such practices to forecast what would be most advantageous in terms of box office profits. (E.g. see Karan Johar, producer/director who, for a period of time, named all of his films with words beginning with the letter “K” because of his superstitious belief that only movies named as such would do well for him.)


  2. Reeba

    Another explanation for the spelling can be that since the name isn’t English there is no confirmed way of spelling it. As long as the pronunciation comes out correct it’s fine.

    A similar situation occurs in spellings of names in English and other European languages- Silvia/Sylvia, Katherine/Catherine, Elizabeth/Elisabeth, but of course there at least one can say whether the spelling is Engish or not.


  3. Emma

    @ In quest of theta magic: Abhay Deol is well known among fans of Bollywood. So far he’s carved a niche for himself in choosing to act in mostly small budget, arthouse movies. I am quite satisfied with his casting: if someone can pull off the quiet confidence of Mr. Knightley, it’s him 🙂


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