Linkapalooza: Last Week It Was Mouse Pee, This Week It’s Corn Salad Edition


Alert Janeite A. Marie sent us a link to a recipe for corn salad at Salon that “is good enough for Mr. Darcy.” Well, one presumes that his two or three French cooks at least could produce a tolerable corn salad.

More than anything else in the store, I lusted after the luxury picnic baskets With wine glasses, porcelain dishes, cutlery, and matching linens and blanket, all secured to the basket by leather straps, the hampers evoked Jane Austen romances. I envisioned myself dressed in an empire-waist gown, serving from containers of corn salad and cold chicken.

Alas even in my fantasies, no guy knew looked good in a Regency style cravat.

That’s what you think, sister. But mmmm, corn salad.

IT’S STILL ALIVE! P&P&Zombies is now a game for the iPhone. If anyone wants to buy and review it for the blog, we would love to read it.

Back here again, are we? Complaining about the tea-sipping, cat-stroking, uptight purist spinsters who love Jane Austen not wisely but too well. We’ve read it all too many times before.

For a writer who drew much of her gift from a cold heart and alarming acerbity, her devotees’ admiration is not only mawkish but missplaced.

Just because a writer can observe her characters disinterestedly does not mean she does not have a warm heart.

By all means revel in Austen for her literary excellence, but please release the author herself from being pawed and drooled over like a puppy, and claimed as queen of the book group brigade as if she were the kind of benign friend who’d suffer watching an iPod’s worth of baby photos without a murmur of complaint.

For a friend, we have no doubt she would do this (and then laugh about it with Cassandra and Martha in private). Enough with the extremes, please.

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7 thoughts on “Linkapalooza: Last Week It Was Mouse Pee, This Week It’s Corn Salad Edition

  1. Love that tie-in of Mr. Darcy to corn salad, MAGS! I am holding a book giveaway on Jane Austen Today. For those who loved Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Ben H. Winters has done it again. His Android Karenina has hit the stores. If you don’t want to purchase a copy, just leave a comment on my blog for a chance to win the book. Right now, the odds look good. 🙂


  2. If no one else has reviewed the game by the time I get my iPhone 4, I’ll review the P&P&Z game. It seems fairly well received based on the comments in the iTunes store.


  3. Sandra

    That corn salad *ought* to be tasty, between the butter, the olive oil, and the feta cheese! Will probably try it for some event this summer. But only when I’m visiting the old folks and can get sweet corn straight out of the garden.


  4. I can’t really top rat pee in a headline, but ‘Pride and Prejudice without Zombies’ starts next Tuesday, June 15th on Austenprose. A whole month of P&P madness sans zombies, vampires, werewolves, sea monsters, mummies, androids, trolls, angels, demons and any other paranormal or mythical creatures that are even thinking about appearing in a Jane Austen mash-up, prequel, retelling or sequel.

    If you would like to join in the group read it’s time to read (or recite from memory) the first seven chapters. Be prepared to express your opinions decidedly. Laurel Ann is also in a spring cleaning frenzy and culling her overflowing Austen bookshelves, so swag will run a muck.

    Promise no natural beauty will be counteracted by an awkward taste. 😉 Cross my heart and swear on my Old Manor House edition of The Novels of Jane Austen, edited by R. Brimley Johnson (1906)


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