Midweek Multimedia: Depilation Edition


(Yes, yes, we know, midweek. But we are in the middle of taking this web analytics class, and yes we shall be analyzing you ALL *wiggles fingers in hypnotic manner* and we just finished this week’s assignment. It’s actually pretty interesting and geeky, which is right up the Editrix’s alley.)

The fourth episode of “Sex and the Austen Girl” is available at Babelgum. This week, Courtney and Jane discuss beauty products and hair removal.

If you missed BBC Four’s “Jane Austen’s iPod” show the first time around, it was rebroadcast the other day, and you can listen to it for a few more days. Make haste! Thanks to Alert Janeite Peggy for reminding us about the Listen Now feature.

This is an AustenBlog DIY post, so if you have run across any Austen-related multimedia links lately, please post them in comments!