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We’ve got lots to post but have had a busy couple of weeks, but hope to get caught up very soon! However, Alert Janeite Reeba sent us the trailer for Aisha and we wanted to share it. It’s mostly in Hindi with a few bits of English, but it looks like fun–very much in the vein of an Indian Clueless.

ETA: And thanks to Team Aisha who left us a link to the official site in comments…not much there yet, but Delhi!Hartfield is pretty sweet!

18 thoughts on “Aisha Trailer

  1. Reeba

    The trailer promises a fun romp.

    Unfortunately it is in Hindi with many English dialogues which might give an idea of what they are saying.

    The word ‘business’ is Mr Knightley’s remark about her being in the business of marriage.

    Mrs Elton’s character called Aarti seems to be from New York..ooops!

    Harriet is Shefali that simple looking girl in front of a mirror. There seems to be a ball/dance where she gets snubbed?

    I couldn’t make out FC JF nor a Miss Bates.


  2. Emma

    @reeba: I think FC is the guy in the red shirt, with a hat, whom she dances with at some point in the trailer.

    As for the girl called Arti, I thought her to be the counterpart of JF, since Aisha seems to be jealous of her…especially when she dances with “Arjun”, alias Knightley (and isn’t this girl mentioned to have a MBA, and therefore be “accomplished”, like JF would be?)

    Can’t wait for this movie!


      • Emma

        I am a big fan of both Jane Austen and Bollywood, so I’ve been (obsessively) tracking down every bit of information on this movie 🙂 (and had many re-winds of the trailer)


  3. Arjun:’ve opened a Matrimonial business, eh?
    Aisha: *gives him a look* / Are you making fun of me?
    Arjun: I only want say everyone has their own taste. It’s not good to poke yourself into other people’s personal lives.
    Aisha: So..irritating, annoying and self-involved..!

    Aisha: Randhir looks so good. Shefali would look soo good with him.

    The rest too long to translate… but it does look adorable 😉


  4. I wish there would be a trailer with subtitles in English. Now I understand how my fellow Spanish speakers feel with the non-Spanish subtitled adaptations.

    We can guess some things that are happening because we know the plot, but those of us who do not understand Hindi cannot get all the nuances.

    Regarding the Arti character you are mentioning, obviously from the trailer I cannot now who she is, but judgind from the IMDB file and the virtual postcards sent for subscribers to the official site about “the gang”, I agree with Emma that she could be the JF equivalent not the Augusta Elton one.

    Sonam Kapoor … Aisha Kapoor – (Emma)
    Abhay Deol … Arjun Burman – (Mr. Knightley)
    Anand Tiwari … Saurabh Lamba – (Robert Martin?)
    Ira Dubey … Pinky Bose – (Mrs. Weston, or more precisely like Dionne from Clueless, from what the postcards say)
    Anuradha Patel … Chitra Kanwar / Singh (this is the one I believe will be the Augusta Elton equivalent)
    Arunoday Singh … Dhruv Singh (Elton, from what one can gather from the postcards)
    Cyrus Sahukar … Randhir Gambhir (Frank Churchill, also judging from the postcards)
    M.K. Raina … Mr. Kapoor (Mr. Woodhouse)
    Amrita Puri … Shefali Thakur – (Harriet Smith, from the postcards)
    Lisa Haydon … Aarti Menon – (by elimination process)
    Sameer Malhotra … Karan Burman (John Knightley)


  5. baja janeite

    Hopefully, it will be sub-titled like “Kandukondain Kandukondain” was. It looks like a fun movie!


  6. LeSpinster

    Oh does this ever look awesome. I can’t wait for subtitles. And the full film. Apparently my dried-up tar heart can tolerate fun up in my Austen.

    I’m glad they preserved the Jane Fairfax character, since that was the one thing about Clueless I was never truly satisfied with. Though I still love it. And the Frank Churchill diversion was pretty clever.


  7. jo

    Frank Churchill is Arunoday Singh and Elton is Cyrus Sahukar. Anuradha Patel might be Mrs Weston, as she is an actress in her late 40s.


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