A music video from Aisha


Alert Janeite Deena noted in comments for the Aisha trailer that there is a music video that features scenes from Aisha. Unfortunately we can’t seem to embed the video, so just follow the link!

5 thoughts on “A music video from Aisha

      • Reeba

        Doesn’t it?

        Both these films are violating Knightley’s observation;

        “I do not think her personally vain. Considering how very handsome she is, she appears to be little occupied with it;”

        And boy, is she occupied with it in this clip.


  1. I REALLY want to see this movie. It looks like so much fun. Unfortunately, IMDb says it’s only scheduled to be released in theaters in India.

    And, even if they do release it here in the States, the chances of it making it to Sarasota are probably pretty slim. My best hope is for Tampa/St. Pete, and I can dragoon some fellow Tampa Bay JASNA members to go with me.


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