Monday Multimedia: Bring It On, We’ve Got A Cluebat Edition


Thanks to the MANY, MANY Alert Janeites who sent us the link to this very amusing YouTube video of Jane Austen’s Fight Club:

Now, THIS is how you do a mash-up. Take the funny idea and KEEP IT SHORT. AND THEN STOP.

“How’s that going for you? Being clever?”



Thanks to all the Alert Janeites who made this the true definition of a viral video *takes deep breath*: Danielle, Amelia, Tasha, Mackenzie, Maria L., Fine-eyed Elizabeth, Lisa, and John!

5 thoughts on “Monday Multimedia: Bring It On, We’ve Got A Cluebat Edition

  1. Lynne

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Someone posted this on my facebook page last week. I LOVE it!! Absolutely hilarious. That is a fight club I would join.


  2. Allison T.

    I made the mistake of watching this whilst sipping my dainty early morning cup of tea and now there is tea all over the computer screen. I adored the Fanny retaliation!

    And may I say completely OT how nice it is to see elegant Ladies of Color participating in this endeavor–I hadn’t realized how tired I was of the whiteness of it all. It’s time for an African American version of P&P!


  3. rae

    I caught this link at another JA fansite and thought it was fantastic. These ladies really put some time and effort into producing this little gem. What a hoot! Where can I join up?


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