Monday Multimedia: Aisha And Victorians And Amateurs, Oh My! Edition


Alert Janeite Patsy directed our attention to a new CD of Haydn piano trios, which might certainly have been played by Jane Austen or one of her more accomplished heroines, in which the liner notes mention Jane Austen, the Gothic, and Northanger Abbey. Download or listen to samples at The Classical Shop.

Remember the Jane Austen Fight Club thing that was all over the Internets last week? Some more info is coming out about it. We saw in a few places commenters claiming that it was an amateur work by a bunch of friends, and this post on EW’s Popwatch blog does nothing to dispel that implication.


Not Really Laurel Ann

However, Intrepid Janeite Reporter Laurel Ann took her CSI kit and prodded around the edges a bit, and discovered some interesting information about the “amateur” production. The young lady profiled in EW, Emily Janice Card, is an actress with several audiobooks on her resume. She also is the daughter of the author Orson Scott Card. So while the video is not as “amateur” as it might have first appeared, it’s still very funny, and we dare say it will help Miss Card in her career. (Also we are really looking forward to Emily Brontë’s American Psycho. “Because that’s what Heathcliff was. Except British.”)

With the impending release of not-at-all-amateur Aisha, there are a lot of new promo videos and articles floating around.

Here’s a music video with a catchy dance number that we really enjoyed:

Also there is a making-of video: Part 1, Part 2

The BBC interviewed Sonam Kapoor and her father, Anil Kapoor, who produced the film–you might remember him from the film Slumdog Millionaire. We liked Sonam giggling with the reporter about “You want a Mr. Darcy and a Mr. Knightley in your life,” while Papa rolls his eyes in the background. But then she ruins it a bit by referring to Jane Austen’s society as “Victorian.” SIGH. Along with this article, in which the young lady who plays the Harriet character says she’s not a big JA fan, we hear some Janeites are getting a bit turned off, but we don’t think it’s time to despair quite yet. But we do hope someone explains to Sonam and co. the difference between “Georgian/Regency” and “Victorian” and how it is problematic to use the latter as a catchall term for “19th-century.”

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  1. Hey. Doesn’t Emily Proctor do a great job impersonating me on CSI Miami? I took 3 bottles of bleach to match my hair, but I think they got the Nordic beauty thing down after the cosmetic surgery. It was a tough job to find her though. Touch and go till the very end!


  2. Reeba

    Aisha is getting good reviews. Sonam’s performance is being praised.
    Too bad about Harriet/Shefali’s comment. What a Harriet she is 😉


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