From Prada to Nada Trailer, Release Date and Promotional Info


From Prada to NadaU.S. release date is January 2011! We had been feeling kinda bummed out about this film, as it showed a lot of promise and then seemed to have been boringly commercialized, but the trailer has us all happy again!

This looks great! We are even liking Wilmer Valderrama! Better than the stinking zombie movie any day, innit?

Alert Janeite Carmen also sent us the film’s Twitter account, so you can keep up on the news. She also found an interview with Alexa Vega, who plays Mary.

8 thoughts on “From Prada to Nada Trailer, Release Date and Promotional Info

  1. I really like the trailer, even if they change the story to something more about latina heritage instead of money issues. I found it very amusing and fun, and I was deeply surprised by these details:
    – Fanny is totally a real Fanny.
    – I like Camilla and Alexa. They seem to be very Dashwoodesque, even if Alexa plays Mary in a Clueless way.
    – I am surprised by Valderrama’s badboy’s Brandon and especially, Nick D’Agosto, he seems to be a nice Edward!
    I am waiting for more!


  2. I think it has the potential to be as fun as Clueless, so I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

    And how interesting that I should check out the trailer and then the interview today. Happy wedding day, Alexa!


  3. I’m looking forward to this movie, but I do have a bit of a quibble with the initial portrayal of the Marianne character. I’ve always seen her as far more serious than Elinor, and yet the common view of her is that she is flighty and shallow. She may be self-absorbed, passionate, and naive, but she is not flighty and shallow.


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