Christian Lacroix, Friend of Jane


Alert Janeite Paola, who keeps an eye on the Francophone Janeite news for us, passed on a link to a French edition of Emma with a cover illustrated by the fashion designer Christian Lacroix. M. Lacroix has illustrated covers for nine classic novels, which are available separately or together in a limited edition slipcase.

3 thoughts on “Christian Lacroix, Friend of Jane

  1. AprilFool

    The cover is beautiful, but I’m trying to discover the name of the translator – which I would always consider important in a translated book?


  2. Patty

    My sister (Paola) and I bought Emma, La Princesse de Clèves and Une Vie, they’re all so cute.
    I’m learning French and I can’t wait to be able to read Emma as if it were all new to me.
    The translator is Pierre Nordon.


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