Pennsylvania is the place to be for Janeites in 2011!


We’re pretty excited to be living in the commonwealth this year, because there’s a lot of really fun stuff coming up in the Keystone State!

In March 2011, we have an abundance of riches. On March 12, the Pittsburgh region of JASNA will be hosting a full-day Jane Austen Festival, “More than fifteen minutes of fame!” (Andy Warhol was from the ‘burgh.) The event is packed with great events, including plenary talks by Joan Ray and Sayre Greenfield and Linda Troost; three breakout sessions, including dance workshops and lectures; and of course a ball! That’s one action-packed day, and is almost like a mini-AGM.

Also from March 3-20, 2011, the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble will present the world premiere of Jon Jory’s stage adaptation of Emma. There will be “Jane Austen Weekends” during the three weekends that the show will be staged, with lectures and other activities before and after the play and special all-inclusive packages from area hotels and inns.

And if that isn’t enough dissipation for one calendar year, in July the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, which we’ve attended with much enjoyment in the past, will be presenting Jon Jory’s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice as part of their 2011 season. If you watch the video on that page, interestingly they will be “repping” P&P with Hamlet–using the same cast–switching off every other performance. The director comments that Elizabeth Bennet will probably be Ophelia…and doesn’t say, but the logical conclusion is, that DARCY IS HAMLET DEAR JANE IN HEAVEN. But it should still be…interesting. 🙂

In 2011, we’re just going to call our native state Jane Austen Country!

6 thoughts on “Pennsylvania is the place to be for Janeites in 2011!

  1. Baja Janeite

    As a fellow Pennsylvanian, I salute our grand commonwealth for her good taste and good sense. Viva Jane Austen and Viva William Penn!


  2. What an exciting spring to look forward to! I must say that I wasn’t overwhelmed by Jon Jury’s Pride and Prejudice when I saw it performed at his home theater (Actors), which is an amazing theater and, quite frankly, if they didn’t blow me away with it, I highly doubt anyone can. Still, Emma is awfully tempting, as is the festival. I’ll have to see if it can’t be squeezed in. Thanks for the heads up!

    By the way Mags, I was so sorry to have missed last Sunday’s birthday celebration. I hope you had a marvelous time!


  3. So much going on. As a side note, it just occurs to me that those of us who admire Austen’s work might be predisposed to like the new (non-Austen) movie out, The King’s Speech.


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