A crafter can do nothing slovenly


One of the things we did on our Unscheduled Sabbatical was a great deal of crocheting. (We made the prettiest scarf, and yes, those fingerless mitts that we linked to on our JA Birthday post.) It is, we are sure, perfectly coincidental to stumble across two links related to needlecrafts and Herself.

We know this link will interest a certain West Coast AustenBlog Correspondent: a blog dedicated to stitching the Jane Austen-inspired kits from The Sampler Girl.

We also saw that Interweave is producing a special Jane Austen Knits publication, and has put out a call for submissions. It will be out next fall. Too bad it specifies knits, as we could send them a couple of crochet and tatting patterns, but the knitters carry all before them. šŸ˜‰

And not to be all tar-hearted dried-up spinster purist &c., but we can’t help but think that a Jane Austen Embroidery publication would be more appropriate, as Jane Austen did exquisite embroidery–a sample of her work, a whitework shawl, can be seen at the Jane Austen’s House Museum–and from all reports enjoyed it tremendously.

3 thoughts on “A crafter can do nothing slovenly

  1. Love the scarf! And the Sampler Girl’s blog is already in my Google Reader. šŸ˜‰

    Agreed that a Jane Austen Embroidery publication would be most welcome. Some of us are quite partial to the satin stitch.


    • I will take photos of the scarf eventually but I need to block it, and am having some difficulty acquiring blocking wires. I’m wearing it around anyway but it really does need blocking. It’s all beaded and stuff.


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