Northanger Abbey-Inspired Novella There Must Be Murder Now Available in Paperback (and win a copy)


There Must Be Murder by Margaret C. SullivanWe are delighted to announce that There Must Be Murder, an illustrated sequel novella to Northanger Abbey by your own Editrix, is now available both as a paperback from Librifiles and as a free ebook download from Girlebooks. The paperback is available at Amazon, but if you purchase it at this link, use the code 95Y8NF33 to get 20% off. (International purchasers, please use the second link.)

The ebook (which is free) is available in several formats–if you need a format that is not available at the Girlebooks link, do let us know.

Henry and Catherine Tilney are content with their married life: a comfortable parsonage, their dogs, and one another. The idea of returning to Bath a year after they first met there seems like it can only add to their happiness; but Catherine finds that Bath still carries social dangers that she must learn to navigate. What is the nature of Henry’s past relationship with a beautiful young woman? Why is a rakish baronet paying Catherine such particular attention? Is General Tilney going to marry the woman known in Bath as The Merry Widow-and what did she have to do with her husband’s death? And will Henry ever be able to keep his Newfoundland out of the river? Revisit the winter pleasures of Georgian Bath with your favorite characters from Jane Austen’s hilarious Northanger Abbey, and prepare for a bit of romance, a bit of mystery, and a very nice story indeed!

The novella, a lighthearted murder semi-mystery*, was first published in 2007 as a serial on the Jane Austen Centre at Bath Online Magazine and contains 29 illustrations from the talented artist Cassandra Chouinard. Cassi is not only talented but knows her Austen and knows her Regency, and is one of the funniest people we know, and it shows in her lovely illustrations.

If you would like to win a copy of the paperback, leave a comment to this post with a valid e-mail address (no one can see it except the Editrix) by midnight Eastern time on Sunday, January 2. We will choose two winners on that date.

*We like to say that TMBM is a murder mystery in the same way that Northanger Abbey is a Gothic.

32 thoughts on “Northanger Abbey-Inspired Novella There Must Be Murder Now Available in Paperback (and win a copy)

  1. S

    It has been my mission this year to win something, ANYTHING, from anywhere, and so far I have not achieved my goal. Time is running out. So please, enter me in the drawing, and maybe I will get lucky for once.


  2. Mandy N

    Cool ! I’ve read the story and now look forward to illustrations; esp. of Bath and the General walking the cat ? . Oops, spoiler !
    Congrads on your sequel getting into paperback. Ooh, may I enter the draw ?? :))


  3. LynnS

    Yes, yes yes! Loved the story and would like to have the paperback as I do not, and probably will never have, an e-book reader.


  4. Bridget

    Hurray for an NA sequel! I would love to be entered in the drawing. Although, will admittedly buy the paperback if I do not win!


  5. A. Marie

    Read the whole thing in its online avatar. Loved it, especially the fact that the Newfoundland gets a major role (spoiler!). Would love to have the p’back. I’m in.


  6. Siobhan

    Pick me! My husband (not named Henry) named our dog Henry because I confessed I always wanted to marry a Henry. Well, THE Henry, that is.


  7. stephaniebarron

    Dear Mags:
    So terribly pleased to see your own dear child is now in print. Will purchase a copy, so by all means do not enter me in your contest; but in exchange, promise to SIGN it when next we meet.
    Happy 2011–


    • Kathleen–the reason we didn’t put it up in PDB format is we couldn’t get the illustrations to come out right. I can send you the PDB ebook without illustrations if you want. Email me at info at and I’ll send it over.


  8. Daniela H

    Well, Northanger Abbey is my favorite novel…and I did love that novella to death when I read it. I have to enter this! =P


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