The Janeite Times for December 22, 2010


We like the idea of calling link-collection posts, which we formerly called Linkapalooza, The Janeite Times. So let it be written; so let it be done. (Sorry, wrong time of year for that movie, we guess. Though there is never a wrong time for Yul Brynner being supremely awesome.)

The Wall Street Journal noticed that Young Persons like Jane Austen and are amusing themselves by making stuff inspired by Austen on the Twitbook and the FaceTube, which we old tar-hearted dried-up spinster purist-type Janeites know nothing about. (Why yes, that was snark! How kind of you to notice!) The thing that amused us the most about that article (which in the hard copy publication was on the front page of the WSJ, with an engraving of Herself) was that we know so many of the people interviewed for the piece. Also the line, “A spokeswoman for Mr. Firth declined to comment.” Discretion always being the better part of valor where the fangirls are concerned.

Speaking of Our Gentleman of the Wet Shirt, the Telegraph reports that Mr. Firth had severe reservations about taking the iconic role, but, like Emma Woodhouse realizing that nobody could marry Mr. Knightley by herself (do we have to post spoiler alerts around here? too late anyway), he realized that no one could play Mr. Darcy but himself.

Unladylike Language Warning: Jezebel has a post about best-liked movie scripts that never got made, and demanded to know why a film rejoicing in the title F***ing Jane Austen never got made. The elevator-pitch synopsis provides a clue:

Two friends angry at Jane Austen for creating unrealistic romantic expectations among women today get sent back in time to the nineteenth century. The only way for them to return home is for one of them to get Jane Austen to fall in love and sleep with him.

What the heck did Jane Austen do to be punished like that?

Huffington Post had an article about the “strangest” Austen spinoffs in honor of her birthday. We found many of them not at all strange. Must be the tar-hearted spinster purist &c. thing coming out again.

Speaking of Jane’s birthday, Dominique Raccah, publisher and CEO of Sourcebooks, wrote a very interesting and gracious blog post apologizing for and explaining why the free ebooks promotion on Jane Austen’s birthday had so many technical issues.

And here’s a bit of fun: a “Which Jane Austen Character Are You?” quiz from Jane Austen’s Guide to Dating. (Jane Fairfax? Seriously? JANE FAIRFAX? Hrmph.)

This is an AustenBlog DIY post, so feel free to add any interesting Austen-related links you’ve come across in comments!

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