From Prada to Nada opens today!


From Prada To Nada PosterHaving followed the long saga of the making of From Prada to Nada, from the writing of the screenplay (then called Sensibilidad) several years ago, we very much want to see this film, though bad weather and the limited amount of theaters showing the film might prevent it from happening for a week or two. Check out the trailer:

If you get to see it, we would love to post a report!

8 thoughts on “From Prada to Nada opens today!

  1. kim

    Dallas had advance screening and the JASNA chapter of North Texas was lucky to have reserve seating. Several of us attended.

    Movie is promising in that it is cute in so many ways. Of course one will see the differences and similarities between the movie and Jane’s book – S and S- such as the riches to rags theme as well as finding true love. I believe Jane would be proud of the story line and creative genius of incorporating the Mexican culture.

    Go see it! 🙂


  2. I’ve read mixed reviews…will probably have to wait for the DVD. My biggest concern is making Marianne ditzy and shallow, which is doing her character a grave injustice, but I guess I shouldn’t review something I haven’t seen yet!


  3. Jane, if you look for this film to correspond to S&S in any significant way, you will be very disappointed. This film, to be enjoyed by a Janeite who knows the novel well, must be taken on its own terms–it is not even close to being anything resembling what Jane Austen wrote, and it is also not in the same league with either Thompson’s or Davies’s S&S film adaptation. It is just a sweet and sorta light romance, with a lot of heart.

    Cheers, ARNIE


  4. Kim, of course it would have been spectacular if it had been a modernization with the brilliance and humor of “Austen modernizations” like Clueless or Bridget Jones Diary, but it’s still a nice little film on its own modest terms–had it been pretentious–had there been some pushing of the Austen connection even while not backing up the pushing with worthy content, that would have been a whole ‘nother story.

    I have never particularly wanted to watch Bride and Prejudice (I am not particularly a fan of Bollywood), but I imagine from all I have heard about it that it is comparable to this current film.


    • Juliana Oliveira

      @ Arnie- actually, Bride and Prejudice is a great movie, and follows the story line pretty well.

      I wonder if we’ll get to see P2N here in the PNW. I hope it goes to instant view on netflix this year 🙂


  5. Jenny the librarian

    Like Juliana I wonder if the film will reach the part of the country where I live which is in the Midwest. I’ll probably have to wait for the DVD.

    I think this movie looks cute. Just like all the continuations and sequels (and mash ups) of the books some are good and some aren’t. You have to take them with a grain of salt.


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