Jane Austen video game Matches & Matrimony now available


ETA: We are reliably informed that references to “Victorian” (which were used because the designer thought that non-Janeites would be less confused) have been replaced with “Regency.” The new game is available at the download. We’ll have a review soon!

Reflexive Games has produced a video game inspired by three of Jane Austen’s novels (P&P, S&S and we think Persuasion) called Matches & Matrimony. There is a trial download available for Windows, and a Mac version is coming soon.

Any gamers out there want to do a review of the game? We would like someone who plays a lot of games and is familiar with how they should work. Send an e-mail to austenblog AT gmail DOT com.

2 thoughts on “Jane Austen video game Matches & Matrimony now available

  1. Eileen

    Last night I downloaded the trial version which provided a half hour of ‘playing’ time. I would not call myself a gamer but I do enjoy the occasional game and looked forward to trying this one out. I can’t do a serious review as I only used the trial version. But I can say that I would consider this more like an interactive story than a video game. While the graphics are pleasant enough, it is heavily text based and the pace is very slow. The ‘player’ makes choices about how the plot will unfold and those choices are impacted by certain attributes or qualities one is awarded based on activities. The one thing I found really annoying was the constant reference to how things were done in the Victorian Era. Since Jane died some 20 years or so before the Victorian Era commenced, I considered this a serious flaw. In the end I did not think it worth the $6.95 to play the entire game.


  2. Heather N.

    I would agree with Eileen. I downloaded the trial (which gave me 60 minutes of playing time) but I only made it through 30 minutes before I gave it up. Not worth the 6.99 to purchase. The story line did indeed move slowly and I agree with the extremely annoying reference to the Victorian Era! I was disappointed that this game was not what I was expecting.


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