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Planning your summer vacation? Want to spend it geeking out over Jane Austen, both places important to her life and places that you’ve seen in movie adaptations? There are lots of upcoming tours from which you can choose.

JASNA’s annual tour is, as always, quite impressive. The tour not only includes the usual tourist spots, but allows you to visit private homes that are not normally open to tourists, such as Ibthorpe House (home of the Lloyd sisters) and Ashe House (Madame Lefroy’s home), and includes talks by Austen experts and family members. The tour this year has a Sense and Sensibility flavor, celebrating the bicentenary, and includes film locations as well as stops in the country in which the book is set. You must be a JASNA member to take the tour, but can join at the time you sign up for the tour.

SPG (Special Group Tours) has an upcoming Week with Jane Austen tour that includes both the usual biographical spots as well as movie locations at Lyme Park and Chatsworth. They also have tours around the Jane Austen Festival in Bath in the autumn and other literary tours that include some Austen sites.

PandP Tours has a large selection of upcoming tours, which are generally shorter (and thus can be combined with other sightseeing while you are in the UK) throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

We read these and wish we could win the lottery and take them all!

One thought on “Tour Austen Country

  1. Marsha Huff

    JASNA-sponsored tours are simply The Best (though, admittedly, I may be prejudiced). In the depths of the British Library you will hold Austen manuscripts in your gloved hands, and at Chawton you will not only tour Jane Austen’s Cottage and her brother’s Great House but also attend the AGM of the Jane Austen Society (UK), which I call the Mother Ship. And so much more! For good measure, the adorable Iris Lutz, new JASNA President, will accompany the tour.
    Marsha Huff


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