Our money is on the lady in the cap


We were delighted, and only a little embarrassed, to find ourself playing a part in the latest Outrage of Popular Culture perpetrated upon Herself. A post (unladylike language warning) at the Slate blog Brow Beat compares Austen-oriented life advice–as provided by The Jane Austen Handbook, written by some silly blogger–and a book of “rules” allegedly written by an individual rejoicing in the name of JWoww.

On Appropriate Party Behavior

Jane Austen Handbook: Serenity of countenance, elegant carriage, good posture, and graceful movements show your respect for your company—both your fellow dancers and those watching the dance. Clapping, shouting, snapping your fingers or other loud interruptions will mark you as vulgar and unaccustomed to good company.

JWoww: Sloppy drunk is not a good look on anyone. Stop drinking if you vomit. If you puke it up, don’t put more in. Vomiting is a sign that your body can’t take the amount of alcohol that you have consumed. Call it quits for the evening and go clean yourself up at home.

We vote for Jane.

(We confess ourself a little disappointed, as when we first saw our darling child juxtaposed with Jersey Shore, we thought, “They put us with Snooki! We’ve hit the big time!” Because even your unhip, non-cable-having, uptight tar-hearted spinster &c. Editrix has heard of Snooki. But what’s a JWoww? And they made our poor Handbook sound so….prim! It really isn’t. Though as Alert Janeite Jennifer, who wrote to send us the link, pointed out, “I think considering the competition, Madame Bovary would sound prim.” She has a point.)

4 thoughts on “Our money is on the lady in the cap

  1. Baja Janeite

    Well, I loved your book, Mags! It sits proudly on my bookshelf in Los Cabos. It is a wonderful resource for those who want to understand Jane’s books in context. Obviously, more important people agreed…another printing! Congrats to you!

    We shall expect to see the other book for sale in the entrance of chain pharmacies- in the $1 bin next year…


  2. Hi Margaret,
    I was intrigued by JWOW. I wondered if there was a website so I looked it up.

    Indeed there is a website called JWOW, which stands for Japanese, Word Of The Week or something like that.

    The star of this pubescent teenage website is a rather well endowed young lady in the chest area with an impressive cleavage and cole black eyes who looks at us from a certain high level camera angle so her atributes are fully on view and teaches a Japanese phrase or word for the week.In the process of making eyes and wriggling about in front of the camera in rather a nubile way she proceeds to sell us brightly coloured plastic Japanese items like wrist watches.

    It’s OK Margaret I am a middle aged gentleman with teenage daughters who have numerous friends who dress like that. I am totally immune. I know what they are really like.

    Jane hasn’t got anything to worry about.

    All the best,


  3. Mandy N

    I read the tone/advyce of Jane Austen Handbook sort of tongue-in-cheek whilst accepting the content as a good resource on Jane and Regency era.
    Does JWOw mistake tone as the content of your book ? Or am I the one who doesn’t know how to read ? !
    Actually, I don’t like Jwow’s expressions…call me wowser.


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