Henry Tilney rules and pretty much every other hero drools


And now we have proof. At last, a full video is available of the brilliant parody of the Old Spice ads written by AustenBlog’s own Heather Laurence and performed by the delightful Joe Homes, who stood in for Mr. Tilney during the Team Tilney presentation at last year’s JASNA AGM, filmed, directed, and edited by Lynn Marie Macy. Enjoy, Janeites, and feel free to make this viral! The world needs to know of Mr. Tilney’s many perfections.


15 thoughts on “Henry Tilney rules and pretty much every other hero drools

  1. Mandy N

    Best Henry Tilney Ever…I’d ove to see him in a Greatcoat ! Bravo Joe and Bravo Team Tilney ladies. πŸ˜€ Ooh ! …is Joe available for a recording of Northanger Abbey? ? Thankyou so much.


  2. A. Marie

    This almost (but not quite) makes up for my having to miss the Team Tilney presentation in Portland. Bravo, one and all!


  3. Cathy Allen

    Brilliant! Delightful! Perfect! Inspired! I can’t say enough! Thanks to all of Team Tilney, and especially Mags!


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