The Janeite Times No. 5


We have a bumper crop of Austen-related articles this week, most of them quite interesting, so settle in for a read!

Ta-Nehisi Coates is still reading Jane Awesome, and is correctly finding Sense and Sensibility to be hilarious. Because it is.

While we do not watch cricket and are not conversant with the teams involved, we still found this article comparing the various cricket World Cup teams to Jane Austen characters hilarious.

Netherlands – Mr Collins: Existence is based purely on the patronage of one individual.

Pakistan – Mrs Bennett: Can hold it together for short periods of time but likely to collapse into tantrum at any moment.

West Indies – Charlotte Lucas: Well past their glory years now, will settle for anything resembling success.


A young lady attends a ball and finds it a memorable occasion.

However, I must divulge that the gentleman of this party made his superior knowledge quite known to us all by huffing and rolling his eyes at our smallest mistakes. His slight was unconscionable and what is more, even with such a shortage of men he refused to dance with any outside of his own party. In fact, I found his general snobbery and ill manners so insufferable that I am quite sure we shall be married within the fortnight.

An article on finding examples of all things British in the American Midwest–inspired by the upcoming royal wedding–included a bit about the local JASNA region.

Owen Gleiberman at Entertainment Weekly wrote an article on the decline of the costume film, which we found exceedingly pretentious and tiresome. Perhaps that is why he finds the costume film in decline?

And finally, it was, perhaps, inevitable that somebody would manage to drag Herself into the Charlie Sheen mess.

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  1. Melinda

    I stopped reading the decline of the costume film article at “To me, the last really terrific one was Pride & Prejudice, the sumptuous and playful Keira Knightley version that came out in 2005.” The article’s author and I are obviously polar opposites.


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