From Prada to Nada on DVD and Blu-Ray May 3, 2011


From Prada To Nada PosterThe title says it all: the Internets, font of all wisdom, tell us that the DVD and Blu-Ray of From Prada to Nada*, a modern-set film inspired by Sense and Sensibility and set in the Latino community of Los Angeles, will be out on May 3, 2011. We’re pleased because we’ll actually get to see it in the S&S bicentenary year!

*We realize the article only mentions the Blu-Ray, but we wielded our ninja-like Google-fu to discover that the DVD will be out the same day. We’re just wondering why it costs more than the Blu-Ray. Perhaps because it’s not a 3D special effects spectacular? At least, not that we’ve heard.

3 thoughts on “From Prada to Nada on DVD and Blu-Ray May 3, 2011

  1. I am all astonishment! From what I have read, though I would like to add the film to my related JA movie collection, it is not one that I would need to have on Blu-ray (that treat is reserved to the likes of P&P2 and now the LotR extended version), so maybe for once in a lifetime I will pass the pre-sale and wait until the DVD is on the sale racks.


  2. Emily Michelle

    Wow, that tore through theaters quickly. It’s actually showing at the local dollar theater for what I now assume is a very brief time; I’ll have to go quickly if I want to see it in theaters.


  3. Jen K

    Maybe the high DVD price is paying for the salary of Wilder ****ing Valderrama. Colonel Brandon, my foot. And eye. And lots of other things – none of them nice!

    Did like the twist with the brother, though. Finally!


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