REVIEW: Pocket Posh Jane Austen: 100 Puzzles and Quizzes


Pocket Posh Jane AustenWe can hardly find words to tell our Gentle Readers how much this little book made us squee. Yes, the Editrix, enthusiast of digital books and eschewer of all things Dead Tree, was squeeful over this pretty (and, yes, posh) little book.

First of all, it’s pretty! We just sat and admired it for a moment, thinking that the cover pattern looked rather William Morris-ish (a selling point in our opinion; we are a big fan of Arts & Crafts), and then turned it over to discover that the (removable) wrapped label stated it is indeed Morris’ Art Rose print. While not period-correct for Jane Austen, it is elegant and fitting. The book, with its curved corners and elastic wrap closure, looks rather like an especially attractive Moleskine journal.

And then inside–it’s a puzzle book! We love puzzle books, so to have a whole book of puzzles about Jane Austen is delightful! But it turned out that all the puzzles are not Jane Austen-related (and apparently we’re not too swift on the uptake, because it took us two or three puzzles to figure that out), but the quizzes that are Austen-related are not dumbed-down by any means. They include a series of questions about Jane Austen herself, places in the novels, and quizzes for each book. AND THEY ARE NOT EASY. LIKE WE SAID.

Non-Austen puzzles include crosswords, word search, Wordwheel, Codewords (our favorite), Arroword (which made us slightly nuts), Kriss Kross, Crossout, and other brain teasers and puzzles.

Pocket Posh Jane Austen would make a great gift for yourself or your favorite Janeite (and we spotted some other Pocket Posh titles in Barnes & Noble last week–Shakespeare and the King James Bible!). It’s summer, and vacation time–keep this little book and a mechanical pencil in your bag or pocket for airplane rides, car rides, the beach, the pool, chillin’ on the patio, and enjoy some laid-back vacation time while keeping your mind in excellent shape.

We received a free review copy of this book from the publisher.

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pocket Posh Jane Austen: 100 Puzzles and Quizzes

  1. Odd that this has non-Austen puzzles. Will have to search it out and take a look next time I’m at a book store. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Melissa

    Thanks for the great review. I picked up a copy at my local B&N for an upcoming trip. The variety of puzzles is so much fun that there may not be many left to do on the trip itself!


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