Would you like to write for AustenBlog?


AustenBlog is looking for a 1-2 book and media reviewers to join our staff. The positions are unpaid (though of course you can use anything you write for us for your resume/C.V./clippings folder, and the Editrix is a soft touch for a reference letter). All writing will be under your own byline.

An excellent grasp of standard written English spelling and grammar (U.S. or UK) is necessary, though tyops happenn and that’s why blogs have edit buttons.

We don’t want someone who will rubber-stamp every item that comes her way with five stars (Harriet Klausner manquées need not apply), nor do we wish for someone who will automatically dismiss everything on general principles. We would like a reviewer who can review critically yet constructively, who is fairly knowledgeable about Austen’s life and novels, and who really takes pleasure in finding gems among the floods of Austen stuff out there and letting other people know about them.

We will contact you with items we are offered for review. You will be allowed to choose whether to review these items. You can also submit reviews of items you’ve purchased or otherwise acquired on your own. We have no problem with having more than one review of a particular item from different reviewers on the blog (we appreciate diversity of viewpoints, or even a big squee-fest). Review of other media (graphic novels, films, DVDs, CDs, games, gift items) are also welcome and may come up from time to time. The reviews should be at least 250 words but can be as long as you think necessary. We encourage creativity, humor, amusing literary pretensions, and flights of whimsy—have some fun with it!

At this time, there is no pay for this position, except for the item itself if it is offered (and that fact must be revealed in the review). We ask for non-exclusive first publication rights, and then you are free to place a reprint of the review anywhere else you like (including your own blog, Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc.). The only thing we ask is that if you find you can’t complete an assigned review for whatever reason (and hating something so much one is unable to finish it is a perfectly valid reason), please let us know as soon as possible so that we might attempt to get someone else to review the item.

To apply for this position, send a review (250 words or more; short is fine, but like we said, if having fun with it requires more length, go for it) of a recent Austen-related book or item you’ve enjoyed or not, along with your name and a valid e-mail address, to austenblog AT gmail DOT com.

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  1. I really wish I didn’t already have so many writing gigs or I would jump at the chance to do this. How much of ones time would you ideally like dedicated to this? I am a big Jane Austen nerd and feel that if I could balance this with everything else I do I would love to send you my sample review.


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