“De vier dochters Bennet” broadcast Saturday night in the Netherlands


We just had word from our Dutch correspondent Aad that De vier dochters Bennet*, a Dutch adaptation of Pride and Prejudice from 1961, will be broadcast tonight at 22.00 on Best 24. (21.00 in the UK) Aad says this station, which specializes in old TV programs, usually rebroadcasts these over the next couple of weeks, so it might not be a tragedy if you miss this. We would love a report from anyone who gets to see it!

P.S. More later…zombies have not gotten me yet, I swear.

*Wild guess…does this mean “The five Bennet daughters?”

6 thoughts on ““De vier dochters Bennet” broadcast Saturday night in the Netherlands

    • Emily Michelle

      I rather liked that. I enjoyed Elizabeth being all sassy in the beginning, and Darcy being all idiotically cheery, like he’s genuinely oblivious to what a serious situation they’re in—I mean, I wouldn’t want all adaptations to be like that, but it’s funny here.

      And having him defend himself in person is odd, because the letter softens her up about him so if she softens while he’s still in the room, it sort of changes the dynamics later when they’re all awkward and he thinks she still hates him. But it was totally worth it in that moment when she asks “Do you know what it’s like to lose someone you love?” and he angstily whispers “Yes.” I definitely squee’d a little. And went back to watch that like three times.

      The point is, if I lived in a country where it was showing, I would totally watch this movie.


  1. aahh. thank you very much for the clip. i have been quite desperate to figure out, how to possibly receive digital TV from a neighbouring country. in vain, of course… looks fun, in a silent-horror-movie sort of way.


  2. Franka

    This is great, thanks for the clip! I’m sorry to say I’m reading this too late, otherwise I could’ve caught it on TV. Maybe they’ll repeat it?


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