Midweek Multimedia: Singing About Jane


Several Janeites posted this on Facebook, and it’s too cute to not share.

10 thoughts on “Midweek Multimedia: Singing About Jane

  1. Maria L.

    It is cute and a very catchy tune. But no thank you on the simple old days of no antibiotics, no anesthesia, no modern dentistry, and the very high possibility of dying in childbirth….

    Mr. Darcy on the other hand, is always welcome!


    • Yeah, I hear ya on that, Maria. But she’s just longing for an old-fashioned hero. I’ll take a witty, occasionally inappropriate, might just know more about muslin than is good for him hero, myself.


  2. What a sweet and nicely produced song. How annoying to me, however, is that her dress is not at all Regency. Does that drive anyone else crazy? It really spoils it for me.


    • Nancy–seriously, there were two e-mails in my Google Alerts with “Jane Austen weddings” in them–and neither one looked like it had anything to do with Jane Austen except maybe the brides were using it for flowers and the country or something. Both girls wore strapless gowns, one with a lace jacket. So after that, this is a lot closer to a Regency dress than either of those! And it looks like she didn’t have much in the way of a production budget, so it’s a decent attempt.


  3. Allison T,.


    I wish JASNA would showcase some of this youth-created stuff like this and The Jane Austen Fight CLub and some of the other funny homages. We need more youth ambassadors!

    I did like the photo in the most recent News that showed the young engaged couple embracing and the back of the guy’s tee shirt stated: “I read Jane Austen and I got the girl!”


    • Actually, JASNA has a list of some of the fun YouTube Austen things on the Jane in Film page. You do sort of have to look for it, though. And no JA Fight Club.

      If JASNA wants to do youth outreach online, the way to do it is through social media IMO.

      That guy was very popular at the AGM. He was wearing it at the JAMMDI signing–did you see him?


    • Baja Janeite

      You have a lovely blog, Patricia! I really appreciated the translation option. Spanish is my second language, so I understood much of it, but I was delighted to be able to read the blog in English. Felicidades de Mexico!


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