A Closer Look at Austen Illustrators C.E. and H.M. Brock


We have a treat for everyone for Jane Austen’s Birthday: Our friend Cinthia García Soria, proprietor of Jane Austen Castellano, the Spanish-language Austen discussion mailing list, has written a long article about C.E. and H.M. Brock, brothers who illustrated all of Jane Austen’s novels at least twice (P&P three or four times!). Cinthia has collected the Brock-illustrated editions of Austen’s novels, and has made a study of the illustrators’ lives and work. In the article, she explains the differences between the various Brock-illustrated editions, and if you have ever been confused by seeing different styles or coloring of the various illustrations, or by a book that was described as “Brock-illustrated” and seeing different drawings than expected, then this article will explain it all. Cinthia has been working on this paper for a long time and we are incredibly proud that she has asked us to post it on Molland’s, where we have archived most of the Brocks’ Austen illustrations, along with some by other artists. Cinthia is the force behind that archive, and provided most of the Brock illustrations–we literally could not have done it without her! We encourage you to read this fascinating history over at Molland’s.

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