PBS Will Air Death Comes to Pemberley


The title says it all. No air date announced, but we suspect it will be part of 2014’s Masterpiece lineup. The question, of course, is will it be part of Masterpiece Classic (earlier in the year) or Masterpiece Mystery (in the summer)? We’ll find out eventually, of course.

4 thoughts on “PBS Will Air Death Comes to Pemberley

  1. Another one that we will have to sit and watch (Please, please, Whit Stillman can you hurry with your LS, so at least we could have something edible and tasty in the near future).

    My guess, since it us both a period piece and a mystery piece, then it will be March or April, as the transition piece between the segments. Donwton Abbey would take the first segment of Masterpiece Classic in January/February.


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