Jane Austen’s Ring Campaign now accepting online donations


Alert Janeite Cinthia let us know that the JA House Museum is now accepting online donations at http://www.justgiving.com/jamt/Donate. The suggested amounts are shown in your local currency–and you can change it to something different if you prefer. If you want to know how much the museum will receive in British pounds, Google “currency converter” and a converter appears at the top of the results.

If you can give, even a little, please do. If you can’t (and believe us, we know times are tough right now), please spread the news on social media and among your Janeite acquaintances.

2 thoughts on “Jane Austen’s Ring Campaign now accepting online donations

  1. Jessica

    Done, let’s keep the momentum going! “Turquoise was a December birthstone (Jane’s birth month) and symbolises wisdom and spiritual journeys.” It’s my birth month as well, and I have always loved simple gold and turquoise jewelry. I think this ring gives a good visual indication of aspects Jane’s personality and taste and should be part of her collection. I like Kelly Clarkson, think she is talented, and respect her Janeite longings. But this personal object should stay within the Austen collection.


  2. Jerry Tompkins

    Thanks for the online credit card link. I just used it and appreciate your assistance in allowing me to make the donation.


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