Sheldon Cooper is Trying to Ruin Pride and Prejudice


in revenge for Amy Farrah Fowler ruining Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Make sure to hang in there for the extended preview.)

ETA: Here’s the result…putting it below a link as a spoiler alert.

Sheldon was unable to ruin P&P. “Amy’s beloved Pride and Prejudice is a flawless work of genius. He’s proud, she’s prejudiced, it just works.”

Interestingly (to us at least) we were having a discussion on Facebook a few weeks back (can’t find it now, sadly) and somehow we ended up comparing Sheldon Cooper with Mr. Darcy, namely, that they both are often exceedingly rude. It was argued that they both perhaps are on the spectrum, or at least socially awkward; but we pointed out that they both know they are being rude, and don’t care, because they both think themselves superior to pretty much everyone else. In Mr. Darcy’s case, this was settled when Elizabeth told him he had not behaved in a gentleman-like manner, which made him want to be a better man; in Sheldon’s case, Amy Farrah Fowler is having a much more difficult time humbling her man.

3 thoughts on “Sheldon Cooper is Trying to Ruin Pride and Prejudice

  1. lol! I saw that on the show last night and had to post it to my daughter’s FB page today. She is an avid P&P fan AND Big Bang fan. Thanks for posting the quote! I wanted to get it as accurate as possible.
    FYI: I’m in the middle of sewing a Jane Austen-ish dress for said daughter for Halloween. It will hopefully be a replication of a dress from Emma.


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