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15 thoughts on “Death Comes to Pemberley Trailer

  1. Ha! My sentiments exactly. It’s like a parody of a costume-drama trailer — heaving bosoms and plummy accents. Wouldn’t it be great if they were, in fact, embracing the camp here and playing for laughs? But somehow I doubt it. . .

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    • That’s a parody of the line from Moonstruck. “Chrissy, bring me the big knife!” It is really a cry of despair.

      I just got a big new TV (my old one was 18 years old and needed a digital converter between the antenna–yes, the antenna–and the TV and just had a really tiny screen for modern widescreen programs and movies) and I bought a Chromecast as well, which means, among other things, that when I encounter YouTube videos I can “cast” them to my big new TV screen. So I saw this in widescreen HD glory, and realized I was making the Jenna Marbles face.


  2. Lisa

    I wonder what year they think they have set the film in. If they have set it six years past the publication of P & P, then the year is 1819. Unfortunately, the costumes do not reflect 1819. If they are using the date P & P was first written (1797), like Joe Wright did with P & P 2005, and then tack on six years, the year is 1803. The costumes are far closer to 1803 than 1819. Somehow, I don’t think the producers were clever enough to figure this out.


    • Diana I-C

      The book Death Comes to Pemberley specifically states that the events take place in 1803, so actually they did figure it out. (I’m not actually crazy about this particular choice on the part of PD James, but in this case it is the author in question and not the producers who made the choice.)


  3. Plummy accents!!! What do you mean?????That’s the way all speak over here..

    There are some great British character actors in the clip by the way. It will not lose out on acting talent anyway.

    I think the cutting of the clips and their joining together in this way, didn’t lend itself to the full length version, I should imagine. It does look rather comical.

    It is rather intriguing, don’t you think, that Darcy may well swing from the kneck.
    Surely after building that magnificent scaffold somebody must. What a waste of a scaffold otherwise.

    I will probably not watch this programme. I am not an Austen spin off type.

    All the best,


    • Tony, it’s not Darcy who is accused, it’s Wickham. It’s hard to tell from that trailer, which might be a good thing–means the trailer stinks, and maybe not the movie. Hope dies hard!

      I agree it is a good cast. Lydia looks just as she ought.


  4. Trai

    I only read the book because a friend who’d liked it asked me to, when I’d already sworn off it after reading all the negative reviews. Whoever adapted the book had a hell of a job to do; there’s barely any dialogue and endless repetitions of the same scenes over and over, so I hope the adaptation at least provides flashbacks from multiple perspectives.

    I really like Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode, so I’m looking forward to them as Darcy and Wickham (though for a book that takes place six years after P&P, meaning Lizzy should be twenty-six or so, Anna Maxwell Martin is ten years too old). I just feel sorry for Jenna Coleman’s (Lydia) fans. The first clips in the BBC drama trailer were all of her, no doubt hoping to attract the Doctor Who fanbase. She shows enough spirit on Doctor Who that I’d easily buy her as a Lizzy in another adaptation, and feel bad she’s getting stuck as a Lydia the director specified viewers “should want to slap.” It’s a completely thankless role, and my hopes for the adaptation on the whole transcending the crappy source material are slim.


    • Diana I-C

      I can’t agree with you about Jenna Coleman. I think she will be great as Lydia–I don’t think I could stand her as Lizzy, tho. I’m slightly confused why you think this will be sad for her fans? A good acting job is a good acting job, and sometimes the unlikeable characters are the more interesting ones to play (and can require greater skill).
      I absolutely agree with you about the book–NOT impressed. I’m excited to see the adaptation, because of the cast. Also, it looks like they may have improved on what was boring about the book (or at least I hope they did).


      • Trai

        I mostly think it’s sad for her fans because Lydia is barely in the book at all, while the trailers focus on her very heavily and give the impression she’s a much bigger part of the story than she really is. The book rests almost completely on Darcy and Wickham, so that it’s more likely to be worthwhile for the fans of Rhys and Goode.

        More than the amount of screentime Jenna may or may not have, the role’s completely thankless no matter how well she might act it; it’s a bit part in an awful novel based on something much greater. Some people are looking forward to her being a “bad” character, but I think more are going to be put off and annoyed by it than entertained. That she’s come outright and said the director essentially asked her to play Lydia as the most annoying person on Earth suggests there’s not going to be much for her beyond a few melodramatic scenes, hardly something most fans will be willing to endure three hours for.


  5. Diana I-C

    I can’t seem to care how silly this trailer is–I am CRAZY EXCITED to see this. …which is funny considering I wasn’t even that thrilled with the book itself. I think I’m just excited that I get to see Anna Maxwell-Marten as Lizzy. And Mags, I agree–Lydia looks perfect.
    (I remember reading a much earlier article somewhere about the project that made it sound as if the woman playing Lydia had been cast as Lizzy, and I was MOST unhappy. I almost did a jig when I learned who was really cast.)


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